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Crestabond M-105

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Advice' started by Gary, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Gary

    Gary Administrator Staff Member

    Crestabond being applied to adhere GRP fittings onto existing GRP.

    1. Mark out either side of end piece with pencil to assure correct placement of adhesive.

    2. Remove piece and thoroughly abrade area on container and wipe with solvent to remove any dust.

    3. Attach nozzle to adhesive, then load into gun , squeeze trigger firmly and dispense a small amount onto cardboard piece to assure catalyst is primed and mixing.

    4. Run 3 beads of adhesive as shown in diagram where end piece is being fitted. Run this along the full bonding area, ie both sides and round elliptical end.

    5. Press firmly into place, there is no need for clamping as the tack from the adhesive is sufficient to hold end piece in place until cured.


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