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Decorative Cloths

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Advice' started by Jamie, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Jamie

    Jamie New Member

    Anyone use these before?

    I want to use the green on so did a test sample and it is pretty much black. have been told i need to dye the resin (anyone got any tips on those?)

  2. Gary

    Gary Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Jamie, the green is the worst for this to be honest, as the cloth absorbs the resin it will have a tendency to darken, regarding the pigmentaion of the resin to suit the cloth colour ive never tried this myself but ive heard it works well. If anyone else would like to comment. John you have worked with coloured fabric can you advise here, many thanks.
  3. Jamie

    Jamie New Member

    Wonderful, thatnks for your help, iv also been told by people that a clearer resin might help.
    any more thoughts on this?
  4. Gary

    Gary Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Jamie yeah it would certainly help try the surf resin that has good clarity and is UV stable best rgds
  5. John Dickens

    John Dickens New Member Staff Member

    All the colours darken when wetted out. Blue seems to hold it's colour best. Yellow is poor.

    My favorite fabric is Silver Shadow. It looks just like woven aluminium.

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