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Fibreglassing an unusual shower... advice please

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Advice' started by Rendelf, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. Rendelf

    Rendelf New Member

    Hi peeps,

    I have to confess... I know almost nothing about using fibreglass. From watching and reading some stuff online, I have a rough idea. I've searched for the information I need, but haven't had much luck.

    Here's the thing.... I'm building a shower for our narrowboat. We are aiming to have a really lovely bathroom and kitchen on the cheap. The nature of the space means that a standard shower is not only expensive, but also the wrong shape. So - I'm making the base from five layers of 38mm exterior ply. The bottom layer is the shape of the base, and the next four build up the walls, with a lip halfway for a polycarbonate shower screen. As drilling holes in the floor is strictly verboten, boat showers tend to have a sump from which a pump removes water.

    Our sump is a 20mm deep stainless kitchen pot with a lip, set into a hole in one corner of the base. The ply is coated with a waterproof resin, and finished with a marine PU coating used for ocean-going wooden boats. The base is roughly a square meter.

    The problem is, the bottom is flat. What I need to achieve, is a fall from the edges to the sump. I've considered concrete... but I don't like the idea, or the weight that much. I'm thinking that I could build up a fibreglass coating to do this, by placing successively more glass as I move away from the sump... but I'm uncertain if this is realistic.

    Can I place the piece on an angled surface to let the resin seep away from the sump, making a deeper amount of glass at the edges? Is there a particular method used for doing this? Might I use structural foam inside a ply or cardboard blanking plate first?

    We intend to have hardwood slats covering the floor, so the surface need not be non-slip.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


  2. Martin @ EC Tech

    Martin @ EC Tech Tech Staff Member

    HI Ren, It would be best if you can form the fall before layering the fiberglass, it is quite difficult to lay the fiberglass in such a way that it builds up without creating unsightly steps from the glass.

    You could fix a beading all around the perimeter where you need the highest point , lay a thin ply down on the shower floor then fasten down the ply where the water needs to drain to, this hopefully will give you the fall. then strengthen the floor with fibreglass.

    If you are unable to form the fall with timber then you could use some sort of thick screed before the fiberglass. this is not a typical project for us so we do not have a guide or tried and tested method for this , hopefully we can come up with an idea that will work for you , if you can send me some pics so that I can ensure I have a good idea of what you need to achieve that would be great. you can send to tech@ecfibreglasssupplies.co.uk

    Kind rgds Martin

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