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Which semi permenant is best??

Discussion in 'Release Systems' started by Daz5789, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Daz5789

    Daz5789 New Member

    Hi again, when i make my mould from my plug which Marbocote product would be best as im just using polyester resins and polyester gelcoats? thanks Darren
  2. Keith CRC

    Keith CRC New Member

    Darren, if you are taking a mould from a built up plug, although we sell semi permanents we advise wax & then PVA on top, you will have invested a lot of time & effort making the plug, and the materials may vary in porosity, so a semi permanent may not be robust enough.

    If the plug is an exiting FRP moulding, then clean the surface with Marbocote Mould Cleaner followed by 2 coats of Marbocote Mould Sealer, followed by 5 coats of Marbocote Fastcote, Fastcote will give good gel coat application. You know to leave 20 minutes between coats, but a good tip is to leave overnight for the best results if time allows. In production apply your release at the end of the day for the same reason, saves time in the morning leaving it 20 mins to cure & you will get more pulls.

    Please let us know if we can assist further
  3. Gary

    Gary Administrator Staff Member

  4. Keith CRC

    Keith CRC New Member

    Gary good point, assumed most people will have watched through the link on your site, but worth making sure everyone is aware of these videos for the products you sell
  5. Jeff

    Jeff New Member

    What would i use if i was making a part that did not require a gelcoat? just 3 layers carbon on a basic mould?
  6. Keith CRC

    Keith CRC New Member

    Jeff, take a look at the video to prep the mould, using an epoxy you have a couple of choices for the final release coating, both applied in the same way. Marbocote 227/CEE will give a very easy release, but you have to be very careful to avoid streaks, so if surface finish is critcal use Marbocote Fastcote, the release will be good, not as slippy, but the surface gloss will be better. Same procedure for Mould Cleaner & Mould Sealer

    Because 227/CEE is low surface energy it may cause fish eyes with polyester gel coats, no such issues with epoxies, they wet low energy surfaces

    If we can help further please shout
  7. Keith CRC

    Keith CRC New Member

    Jeff I assumed liquid epoxy, if pre-preg, the same applies

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